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Welcome to the African Life Financial Services (Aflife) Website. We believe in providing you with a professional and friendly service, be it in Asset Management or in Pension Fund Administration.

We're pleased to introduce our Pension Customer Service Centre online - where our clients can login and view their schemes and other useful information.

 We take great pride in providing you with sound and specialized investment opportunities in Zambia, the rest of Africa and globally.

Our assurance is our commitment to increasing the value of our client’s assets based on their preferred level of investment risk. Our strengths include:

  1. A reliable, proven local and global investment strategy.
  2. Skilled and dedicated people.
  3. Sound corporate governance.
  4. Web enabled on-line services for our clients.  
  5. Enviable Growth Record.  
  6. Unitized Product Range.  

African Life Financial Services is simply ‘A Stakeholder’s Dream’. We hope you find our website informative and helpful to your needs as you leap into the future with the market leader. 

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Latest African Life Finance News